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The Gateway Connected Touch Pad with the Instant AOL Service is an Internet appliance that extends the reach of your current PC so you can shop online, check e-mail, news, sports, and weather, access chat rooms, and much more - all while your PC remains free for the work you intended it to do. When used alone, it offers a simple, reliable path to your internet favorites, chat, e-mail, and instant messenger.

Fits Anywhere

This easy-to-use touchscreen LCD and wireless keyboard: Features Instant AOL service for Web surfing, e-mail, chat, and Instant Message capabilities Small enough to fit anywhere in your home Fits Anywhere It conveniently fits anywhere that you want it: Mount it under the kitchen cabinet Set it on the kitchen counter Place it on a coffee table or in a hallway nook

Convenient & Cost Effective

The Connected Touch Pad is ideal for any home with more than one PC or Internet user. It is also perfect for the first time Internet user who wants the simplicity and reliability of an Internet Appliance. Not only is it a cost-effective solution, it also offers: Effortless operation with its wireless keyboard & 10" touchscreen LCD display Familiar AOL interface Easy installation - connects to a standard telephone jack A cost-effective solution for adding a second Internet station to your home.

The Gateway Connected Touchpad brings easy Internet access to the kitchen, family room, and other places around the home or office. It provides access to services like AOL Calendar, Food & Kitchen, Notes, Address Book, Chat, and more.

The touch pad includes:

10" Touchscreen color LCD display
Wireless keyboard with AOL shortcut keys
Stereo speakers & microphone
Dial up V.90 modem Home phone line networking (HPNA)(10 Mbps)
Two USB ports
Instant AOL service

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